What Is An Assessment Kit?

Are you a nurse, doctor, or medical student looking to upgrade your collection of supplies? Heart + Sound Solutions has everything you need to get started! Our assessment kits come with an assortment of helpful medical tools that will help you along your medical journey. Learn more about our kits and find the one that is right for you today.

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Vital Sign Assessments

The assessment kits that we offer are designed to provide you with necessary solutions to help you provide your patients with assessments of vital signs in almost any situation. From emergencies to routine checkups, you’ll be set thanks to your handy assessment kit.



The majority of our assessment kits come with one of our signature stethoscopes. These high-quality stethoscopes go above and beyond the standard stethoscope function, and they will allow you to make more in-depth patient assessments. Explore our various kits and types of stethoscopes to find the perfect match for your needs.


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Other Included Items

Depending on your kit choice, you will also receive various other medical tools. Some of the things that you may find in your kit include:

  • Trauma shears/medical scissors
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Rechargeable penlight

We have different kits with a variety of items so you can get everything you need at a great price.




Some of our assessment kits even come with a sturdy, anti-theft backpack! Not only will this backpack keep your belongings safe, but it will allow you to carry everything you need on the job, in classes, or on your next trip.


Shop for your own assessment kits today to upgrade your collection of caregiving tools. These kits also make great gifts for friends and family going into the medical field! Find yours today at Heart + Sound Solutions.

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