Heart Sound Solutions Signature Series Stethoscope

Every patient deserves exceptional care. Make sure you’re doing your part by relying on a professional-grade Signature Series Stethoscope from Heart Sound Solutions, a company of healthcare professionals.

One of the first things any healthcare professional does while caring for a patient is to listen-in closely to the heart, lungs, and bowel sounds via a stethoscope. And if you’re using a low quality stethoscope you can easily miss important sounds the body is making. We developed the Signature Series Stethoscope to help ensure you’re hearing vital sounds more clearly and consistently no matter if you’re working fast paced in the ER or making your rounds throughout the night. Ideal for students and healthcare professionals across the industry. Give your patients more peace of mind by being better prepared to support their needs with Heart Sound Solutions.

Designed by a Professional Healthcare Specialist

Heart Sound Solutions is a brand dedicated to the healthcare profession. Founded by a Registered Nurse and ER Physician, we’re focused on bringing you the highest-quality and most reliable stethoscopes and accessories, so you can be sure you’re providing your patients with proper care and support day in and day out. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as we’re happy to provide you with fast, reliable answers so you can get back to doing what you do best—caring for people in need.

Product Details:

  • Signature Series Medical Stethoscope
  • Premium Diaphragm and Bell for Kids or Adults
  • Ergonomic Non-Chill Ring for Patient Care
  • Stainless Steel with Latex-Free PVC Tubing
  • Ergonomic Headset with 15° Angle for a Comfortable Fit
  • Designed for Maximum Comfort and Fit
  • Lightweight and Versatile


Make sure you’re diagnosing patients more accurately and listening in more clearly with a medical-grade stethoscope.