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    Heart+Sound Solutions Care and Cleaning Methods

    • Use an alcohol pad in between patients to clean your stethoscope thoroughly. The way to break the infectious chain is to prevent cross contamination.

    • NEVER soak your stethoscope in any kind of liquid. You can, however, use a cloth and antibacterial soap to clean your stethoscope. Dry your stethoscope completely before storing it away.

    • Remember, wearing your stethoscope around your neck is treated as a badge of honor, but it does introduce it to bodily oils that will break down your scope over time. 

    **Normal usage may loosen the ear pieces so remember to tighten them up periodically. Also, a little trick of the trade with screw on ear pieces is to apply a "small" amount of super glue around the threads before screwing the ear pieces on. Stays in place AND don't have to worry with the earpieces popping off.. win/win!**


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