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        Heart+Sound Solutions Premiere Cardiology Stethoscope is sleek, modern, and delivers an unparalleled ability to auscultate your patient's heart, lung, and bowel sounds with full confidence.  From the classroom to the emergency room, this stethoscope has you covered. 

       Manufactured with rugged durability and allows sound travel from the tunable chest piece to the comfortably sealing earpieces without interruption from outside noise.

    It's features include:

    -Double lumen tube design highlights the excellent acoustics that allows you to hear even the most diminished breath sounds and heart murmurs. Slightly larger diameter aids in insulating and increasing durability in any condition

    -Single head cardiology design made of aluminum alloy, carefully constructed to be airtight and deliver impeccable sound without interruption 

    -Tunable diaphragm for hearing both low and high frequency sounds simply by adding pressure

    -Soft sealing, comfortably fitting ear tips are the key to blocking outside noise along with the adjustable headset that is manufactured at just the right 15-degree angle 




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