Our Story

If your in the healthcare field you absolutely have an amazing story to tell, and this is ours..

    We are a new generation of healthcare professional. We are gritty, raw, and a little rough around the edges. We have a unique sense of humor that some may find a little disturbing. A lot of us have tattoos and piercings and may come off as "heartless" or "not caring". But we are quite the contrary...We have heart, compassion, and determination. We see people on their worst days, their best days, and their last days. 

   We stand up for and advocate for our patients no matter what stands in our way. This is the path that we have chosen. To help the people who need us the most, whether they know it or not. We may have filthy mouths, but we will fight tooth and nail for your life, your child's life, your mother/fathers life, or husband/wife's life. 

   We'd like to say thank you to those of you who fight right along the side of us. We are one universal team no matter what healthcare path you've chosen. It takes all of us to save one life. By saving that one life we have affected so many more in the process. This is a team we are proud to be on...

Heart+Sound Solutions